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If you have a broadband internet connection and make calls to mobiles, long distance or international calls or if you require a second phone line at your home or business, then VoIP can work for you.

VoIP works by piggybacking a phone connection over your broadband internet connection, converting your standard analog voice signals into data packets which are carried via the Internet to the person you are calling. The person on the other end of the line doesn't even have to know that you are talking via the Internet.

You can add a phone number to a VoIP account so people can call you. Also, you can add additional numbers from various parts of Australia (even the World) so you can have a local number in Sydney, while taking calls in Melbourne, etc..

Arrange a obligation-free test call by contacting us with your phone number and we'll give you a call and chat to you about the benefits of using an Internet Phone.

Example Call Rates

Calls to Australian Landlines From 8 cents untimed
Calls to Mobiles From 10.5 cents per minute
International Calls From 2 cents per minute
Calls to other VoIP users Free

Rates vary according to selected provider and plan


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